About our company

Bringing nanotechnology closer

We are focused on the development and sale of projects, systems and equipment for the promotion of science, technology and education in the  areas of microfabrication, micro and nano mechanics and electronics.
We  are interested in promoting, through the development and  commercialization of high-tech equipment, the training of quality human resources, to simplify the generation of new knowledge and to improve the access of the productive sector to new technology. 

Our products

We offer equipment developed by us for the microfabrication industry that are central to a wide variety of subject areas, allowing to increase the capabilities and technological level of any nanotechnology laboratory.

Our company offers, in addition, necessary complementary equipment. We can also advise the interested on its purchase to reduce the cost of acquisition.


μLaser is a low cost direct laser lithography equipment aimed at research laboratories or universities.
The system writes at 0.8μm resolution (31750 DPI) in areas of up to 10x9cm in photosensitive material. It allows the writing of anything the user wants, from photomasks to research prototypes for basic or applied science. 

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At request of our customers we have developed a compact spin coater with vacuum chuck for the application of thin films of polymers,  photoresins, sol-gel, or any other material or process that the customer needs. 

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Diffraction gratings

In  the context of providing services for the educational university field, we have also developed a kit of diffraction gratings in chromium over glass with micrometric resolution, which includes, among many other gratings, DNA patterns to recreate its discovery by diffractive methods. 

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Using our lithography writer, we can provide chrome-on-glass photomask manufacturing services, which we can produce quickly with micrometer resolution features. 

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In addition to selling equipment, we also provide advisory services in microfabrication. We can advise you on techniques of microfluidics, microelectronics, lithography, manufacture of MEMS, etc. We are in contact with world-class microfabrication experts. 

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Lithography rooms

Along  with the equipment sales we offer the assembly of lithography rooms, including its light conditioning, advising, and the associated equipment for the proper functioning of the room. 

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